Mecha Pilot in 4th recon squadron 56/11 Mecha corps


Subject: 2nd LT Joseph Carter
Callsign: Harp
Mecha: Saber NEM66482TR
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Service #: 212158770EP
Age: 19
Hair: light brown
Eyes: blue
Height: 178
Weight: 68.51


POW – Recovered 08APR2087 (Revised from KIA 05APR2087)
In action against Rapine Storm

*As of 08APR2087 declared non-combat effective due to injuries & trauma suffered while POW. Exceptional body trauma including crude Glossectomy & Pendectomy, as well as amputation of subordinate appendages. Initial survey by Medic response also lists scarification and signs of possible sexual assault.
Determination of return to combat status will be made post medical survey and debrief.


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