Chan "Mauler" Vo

Mech Pilot; "StepChildren" Detached Service Unit


Subject: Chan Vo
Callsign: Mauler
Mech: MV-18A Rapier
Race: Human, Han ethnic group
Gender: Male
Service #: 64268492D
DoB: 8/5/68
Birthplace: Gugshai, China
Hair: Black, buzz cut
Eyes: Brown
Height: 163
Weight: 54.4


Youngest of 6 children, 2 elder siblings civilian casualties during Migou Invasion. 2 more in service in 7th Corps. Last assignment with 11th Corp; 56th Division, 2nd ended with the destruction of his parent unit in detail defending the southern end of the highway to Yumen. Reports indicate he fled from combat under uncertain circumstances. Transfer to “Stepchildren” without documented review of conduct.

Chan "Mauler" Vo

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