Mecha Pilot in 4th squad 56/11 Mecha Corps


Subject: 2nd LT Lars Johanson
Callsign: Viking
Mecha: Rapier NEM11856TR
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Service #: 381228496ND
DoB: 30APR2057
Age: 29
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 194
Weight: 96


Born and raised in Lulea, Sweden. Middle of 3 children. Mother (Ingabritt), Father (Lars), & younger brother (Herulf) deceased, casualties of the Migou invasion of Sweden. Older sister, (Thomina Harvold ne’ Johanson) in prolonged coma due to injuries received in line of duty.

Originally assigned to Northern European/Scandinavian Theatre, was at the frontlines when Migou offensive hit Sweden. Operating with a mixed unit utilizing converted and purposed Sword series Mecha for amphibious operations, served in an active combat role persecuting harrier actions via the Scandinavian Fjord systems & covering evacuation via the Gulf of Bothnia.

While escorting last successful departure by sea from Stockholm, was engaged in rearguard action against pursuing hostile forces. Rapier sustained catastrophic damage, and was presumed lost at sea, remnants of mecha and injured pilot were recovered 2 weeks later. Extended recovery & psychological treatment for profound trauma followed for 3 months. (see Release Record M330274/j)

Due to Parent Unit being decommissioned due to critical losses beyond recoverable levels, Johanson was transferred to 56/11. Special Exemptions related to (M330274/j) granted.


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