Chief Engel support technician


Subject: Chief Warrant Officer Diego Majorbat
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Service #: 815565003HH
Age: 36
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 175
Weight: 74


A resident of the Los Angeles arcology, Diego got his start at a young age tinkering with appliances around his home. He demonstrated a heightened aptitude, customizing bikes and cars for his neighborhood. By fifteen, he had established his own unofficial shop and supplimented the income for his family. His police record shows several arrests for various misdemeanors. Received early acceptance into the NEG technical academy during the Second Arcanotech War.
In 2084, was transferred to support the Engel Project. Despite rapid promotion and technical expertise, personality conflicts, office politics, and tendency to randomly tinker when bored saw him deployed to the Rapine Storm Kill Zone. When an Engel was unexpectedly selected to backfill a vital casualty in an undermanned recon squadron, he and his team got the tap to provide support.


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