Dark Horse

3rd Squadron, 13th Armor Regiment
“Dark Horses”

Third Squadron Thirteenth Armor Regiment was formed on 03 January 2077 during the NEG force expansion at the onset of the Second Arcanotech War. Third Squadron is completely Nazzadi manned from pilots to support personnel. The squadron nickname of the “Dark Horse” was adopted 05 January 2077.

Assignment to the 3/13th is considered an elite posting.

Current TOE is a heavy combat Engel squadron. Usual force mix of (4) Seraph or Chashmal class, (3-4) Malach class, (2-4) Cherub class, (2) Tarshish class, (2-3) Aral class, (3-5) Auphan class and organic support elements.

13th Armor Regiment
“Thirteenth Horse”
It Shall Be Done

The 13th Armor Regiment was formed in back February of 1901 as the 13th Cavalry Regiment, “the Thirteenth Horse.” Originally comprised of two squadrons, the 13th earned a variety of battlefield honors in the Philipine-American War and against Pancho Villa.
In 1940, it was reformed as the 13th Armor Regiment under the 1st Armored Division. The Regiment saw duty in Germany and the middle east as part of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team.
June of 2053, the 13th Armor transitioned to fully Mecha squadrons. The 13th saw heavy combat during the First Arcanotech War, participating in some of the fiercest battles of the war, sustaining close to 170% casualties. A notable percentage of the few battlefield victories against the Nazzadi were battles the 13th participated.
In 2076, the 13th Armor Regiment was transferred from their original home of Fort Bliss, Texas to Fort McCoy, Wisconsin.
January 03, 2077 a third squadron was formed. Once again the 13th saw heavy action securing both hard-won victories and high casualties.
In 2084, the Regiment was re-organized into its current force structure, making it the first completely Engel combat force.

Dark Horse

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