2087: The second year of The Aeon War

Earth has become a battleground.
Under the leadership of the New Earth Government, humanity and their allies the Nazzadi fight a losing war against enemies without & within:
The alien Migou attempting for the second time to enslave & cull the human population.
The Esoteric Order of Dagon has risen from the ocean's depths, infiltrating, subverting, and annexing human communities and furthering their agenda of raising their Dead God Cthulhu.
The Rapine Storm, heralds of the God-King Hastur, bring terror, murder, and worse to all in their path.

In Asia, once the core of the world'">s economy, the land besieged and occupied by hostile, alien forces. South-east Asia has fallen to the ravenous, maddened hordes of the Rapine Storm, who eat, violate and destroy everything in their path. China, India, Persia and Pakistan have all been invaded and are on the defensive against the twisted followers of The Storm, with the NEG military barely holding them back.

Join The Stepchildren, 4th Mecha Reconnaissance Squadron of the 56/11 as they struggle to survive in the harsh landscape of mountainous deserts of Western China. Oft times, the forces of the enemies are the easier challenge….

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