Nazadi Engel Pilot & CO; 4th recon squadron 56/11 Mecha corps


Subject: CPT Reza
Callsign: Sorrow
Engel: Auphan RT72687 “Cassiel”
Race: Nazzadi
Gender: Male
Service #: 546813891XD
Age: 20
Hair: Black, dyed tips, blue
Eyes: Red
Height: 184
Weight: 79

On duty, Reza is rarely seen out of his flight suit. He refrains from wearing unit "flash’, ribbons, or medals if he can help it. Off duty, he gets himself as far from uniform wear as possible. Most often, that is Nazzadi fashion.
He keeps the lights off in his quarters habitually and usually engages a sound dampening field to enjoy a little bit of privacy. It also shields the rest of the building from sharing his musical tastes which range from Fusion bands such as Blarney Bayou (Irish zydeco) to dark classical such as Sabaton, Cruxshadows, and Within Temptation.


The son of Nazzadi War veterans turned researchers, Reza grew up outside the cocooning influence of the arcologies. Born in what remained of Missoula, Montana, his childhood was spent traveling from one archeological dig to the next. Although there were often other children in the Nazzadi enclaves and research camps, his sister Kyrzy was the only friend who was always there. They remain very close.
It was perhaps inevitable that Reza would consider enlistment in the New Earth Government. His mother, Cezry, had served with distinction in the Nazzadi military despite the fact she tended to avoid the subject in human company. Both parents had fostered a love of learning and Reza had quickly set his sights on becoming as skilled a technician as his father Teva. Few schools could rival the NEG’s academies and even less would pay him to attend rather than the reverse, so it seemed to Reza as a logical choice.
When he came of age, he walked into a recruiting office, took the improved ASVAB, and a few minutes later was presented with an attractive contract to become a Biological Technician by a highly thrilled recruiter.
A month later and he was on a bus to Boot.
Things started to change once Reza hit in-processing. Something must have flagged during the endless procession of interviews, tests, and sampling. All he was told was that he qualified for a special program with advanced schooling and better pay. Still excited, he was put on a bus to Fort Benning where he rattled around in a transient barracks with a handful of other recruits for about three days. A VTOL loaded them up before dawn and delivered them to the tender mercies of Fort Hood’s Camp 17; the Top Secret Engel Project school.
Despite his surprise, Reza endured the grueling accelerated OCS boot camp and excelled in the classroom, graduating in the top of his class with the callsign, Sorrow.
Reza was paired with an Auphan class Engel and promptly detailed to the Canadian tundra where he blooded himself against the Migou in an Engel only line unit.
On a rest and refit rotation in Seattle, he was pulled from the 3/13 to back-fill a short company on the ass-end of nowhere.


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