Eccentric Engel Pilot, Call Sign: Hopscotch


NAME: 2nd Lt Jeong Su-Mi
CALL SIGN: Hopscotch
AGE: 24
RACE: Human – Ethnic Korean
SKIN: Clear, light toned skin
EYES: Dark brown, almond shaped
HAIR: Medium, straight and brown. In pigtails as often as possible.
HEIGHT: 5’7”
WEIGHT: 115lbs
ATTIRE: On Duty: Jumpsuit. Off Duty: Short skirts and shorts, tank tops and loose tees.
ENGEL NAME: Sun-Shin (aka Sun-Sun)

AWARDS: 3 Purple Hearts, Distinguished Service Cross w/ V & Laurels. 1 of 2 living recipients of the Bridge to Nowhere action.


Getting details out of Sumi about her past is like pulling teeth. She’ll give you all the details you could possible want about who the hottest bands were or what the latest trend was at any point in her life, but anything specifically about her or her family is missing. Although it is very difficult for an Engel Pilot to go through life without generating a massive paper trail, her documents are stamped “Classified” across the board.

This much is available:

BIRTHDATE: 07/03/63
FATHER: Casualty of First Arcanotech War
MOTHER: NEG Scientist, status classified

Very few of her peers in this batch of recruits have the same clarity of purpose as private Jeong Su-Mi. She’s lost many friends and relatives to the Migou and the Rapine Storm, which is likely why she enlisted the very day she came of age. Despite losing her father to the Nazadi, she does not seem to bear any grudge with the “space elves” as she affectionately calls them. This pet name did attract some unwanted attention from one of her fellow recruits early this week but judging by how quickly the darkie found himself in the infirmary with an ice pack between his legs I’d say she’s already used to taking care of herself.

She both follows and give orders exceptionally well. I understand her performance here has gotten her selected for some special program. Buzz is her mother is involved in some way, but it’s clear to me that she’s qualified in her own right. She’s got a good head on her shoulders, makes good tactical decisions under pressure, and has won the respect of her peers and superiors alike. She’s well grounded in mankind’s past and has a determined view toward our future. It’s privates like her that give me hope for our winning this war.

I’m almost sad to see her go, but i’m confident she’ll make a damn fine officer some day.
Sergeant First Class,
Michael Taggart

Not long after this writing she entered the Engel Program and all official documents concerning her or her mother are sealed. Typically the only records available to Sumi’s commanding officers are detailed here, a few highlights from her distinguished service record, and only the most recent psych evaluations which tend to follow a theme of “peculiar but stable”. Older copies of her evaluations seem to disappear as soon as a new one is written, and there have been numerous inquiries in to whether perhaps Sgt Taggart wasn’t talking about some other person….


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