Trasaxa "Red River"

Mech Pilot; "StepChildren" Detached Service Unit


Name: 2nd Lt Trasaxa
Call sign: Red River
Age: estimated 53
DoB: unknown
Race: Nazzadi
Occupation: Mech Pilot
Mech: Tadai
SKIN: Deep Black; traditional Old Ways Nazzadi Tattoos
EYES: Red with amber flecking
HAIR: White, high & tight
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 189lbs
Build: Athletic


2nd Lt. Trasaxa is listed as being captured after the fall of the Loyalist Holdouts at Melbourne, Australia. Records after his repatriation, he mostly disappears from the record. There is clear evidence his record is being suppressed. Records indicate he volunteered for duty in the NEG immediately following the Migou invasion. Since then, records indicate he has been transferred from unit to unit, always on fronts facing off against the Rapine Storm. Duty records indicate a history of Commander’s Reviews due to conflict with other soldiers, but no record of more than reprimands being issued. Further, his combat record indicates he should have been at least put forward for far more decorations than he has.

Records also indicate he is a certified instructor in Hun-Zuti.

Trasaxa "Red River"

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