Victoria de la Cruz

Special Agent; Office of Internal Security


Subject: Victoria de la Cruz
Civil Service Rank: GS-13
Race: Human – Latina
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Relationship Status: Single Workaholic

Personality Abstract:
Dedicated to her job and to the “purity” of Humankind, and NEG Organizations, in order to protect the mortal world. At heart she is a healer, albeit a cold one. The desire to fix the broken and damaged that have faced down those things from Beyond and get them back in the field borders on compulsive. She considers “Termination” to be a failure on her part, but has ordered multiple sanctions and carried several out in the field.


Born as a single child to a happily married couple just outside of Buenos Aires.
Mother was a retired journalist, part-time journalism professor at a small local college.
Father was a Captain in the NEG Army. Early childhood was relatively normal and well adjusted.
School records indicate early indications of significant intelligence & drive.
At age 15, father was killed in action suppressing a Deep One cult in a coastal town. Despite all signs of operational security being maintained, the action was a trap. Review found that Father’s CO had been indoctrinated by the Esoteric Order of Dagon.

The loss of her husband lead her Mother came out of retirement and went on a journalistic rampage through the government. Receiving leaked information on the operation, Mother became a crusader for wiping out the “filth” of corruption and cult activity. This attitude caught up her daughter, a recently Erupted Para-psychic. Mother received for her expose’ on cults within NEG Organizations, and much attention from both those politically threatened & cults who wanted her silenced.

Victoria’s well-adjusted childhood suffered more than a crack or to. She became her Mother’s daughter, going on to graduate with dual masters in Parapsychology & Psychology. Recruited by the Office of Internal Security, she originally began as a staff therapist for Field Agents experiencing stress, before being transferred to be a screener in one of the detention facilities. After several temporary assignments working with the Investigations branch, she was put through Agent training.
Working in all three roles within the organization has lead to a rapid climb to her current Government Service ranking. Despite being a driven maverick, she is well respected within the Organization. Field Agents appreciate having a councilor & therapist who has “been there”.

Victoria de la Cruz

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