4th Squadron 56/11
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Formed 21 August 2076.
TOE Mecha Reconnaisance Squadron
4th Recon Squadron; 3rd Battalion; 56th Mecha Division 11TH CORP
Since formation, 4th Squadron has sustained 380% casualties. On paper, the squadron operates with (7) reconnaisance class mecha, (6) stealth class mecha. In practice, the squadron operates at half-strength.

Commanding Officer: 1st LT Reza “Sorrow”
Executive Officer: 2nd LT Akany “Cut-throat”
2nd LT Lars “Viking” Johanson
2nd LT Erika “Chapel” Nadel
2nd LT Jeong “Hopscotch” Su-Mi
2nd LT Axel “Baby-sitter” Aufbert

11th Armored Corp
‘The Mighty Eleventh’

The Eleventh Armored Division was formed on 15 August 1942. It was most notable for involvement in the Battle of the Bulge during World War 2.
It was inactivated on 31 August 1945.
Reactivated 25 March 2060 as a combined armor and mecha Division.

Current Deployment:
The 11th Corp operates out of Golmud in the Qinghai province to cover the western edge of the Kill Zone and the province of Xinjiang. The three Divisions of the 11th Corp have been forced to rely heavily on early detection, mobility, and rapid strikes to survive. Intrusions by both Migou and Rapine Storm forces into the western provinces have made the holding of a battle line vir- tually impossible. The 11th’s commander, however, is a crafty old soldier by the name of Marshal Vorka. Considered by much of the High Command to be a maverick for his willingness to bend the interpretation of his orders to the extreme, Vorka has nevertheless been able to keep both enemies at bay utilizing gue- rilla tactics and baiting maneuvers that have often resulted in pitting one enemy against the other. Vorka’s combat history as a young lieutenant under the direct command of the famous Field Marshal Vreta during the First Arcanotech War has made him something of a legend. Though his characteristic boldness and daring have achieved amazing results, it’s clear though that the 11th can keep up this kind of dance for only so long. Heroic tales of the 11th Corps’ achievements have spread through the New Earth Government to help bolster the morale of the troops. However, nobody talks about the very real danger of a western collapse in the face of a concentrated push from either enemy.
Marshal Vorka’s 11th Corp in the west is holding their own, but just barely. The 11th’s weak spot is their supply line. The loss of Golmud and Yumen to the east would cripple their ability to carry on a sustained fight without much needed food and materiel. To avoid isolation in the event of a Rapine Storm attack, they may be forced to retreat into Mongolia or face being overrun.

56th Armored Battalion
We Hold

The Fifty-Sixth Armored Battalion was formed 04 May 2060.
The Battalion was decimated (>10% forces remaining) at the close of the First Arcanotech War. Remaining elements of 2nd, 10th, 11th, 15th, 22nd, 32nd, 46th, and 47th Armored Regiments were consolidated into the 56th.
Operated throughout the western hemisphere during the Second Arcanotech War until 13 August 2076 when it was deployed to Asia to counter the Rapine Storm.

Current Deployment:

Life within the 56th Mecha Division is never routine. With deadly enemies constantly threatening from two fronts, the men and women of the 56th must navigate through imposing mountain ranges and vast desert lands to keep these aliens from overrunning the Xinjiang province of western China. Companies stay continuously on the move, never bivouacking in the same location for more than one night in order to minimize detection by the enemy. So it is rare that your average mech pilot or combat soldier gets a chance to enjoy a soft bed or a warm bath. Military rations (standard MRE’s) are often accompanied by hunted game or confiscated supplies. Since opportunities to resupply are never consistent, military archanotechnicians and mechanics often find themselves in short supply of essential spare parts in order to keep their mecha and combat armor in top fighting condition.
What the Division lacks in support logistics it certainly makes up in resourcefulness, tenacity, and flexibility. By taking positions along the arid lands of the Takim River, units can easily coordinate strikes against Rapine Storm forces courageous enough to cross the vast Takla Makan Desert to the south. Regular surveillance flights allow for enough advanced warning for companies to set up ambushes and hit the enemy before they can react. In fact, the desert has become a key defensive element of which the New Earth Government has learned to take full advantage.
Elements of the 56th Mecha Division cover the areas to the west where the plains back up to the impressive façade of the western Tian Shan Mountains. Much of the three-way fighting between the New Earth Government, the Migou, and the Rapine Storm has occurred there. In fact, Global Intelligence Agency surveillance has revealed the beginnings of a Migou encampment in and around the ruined city of Aksu.
Illness among the ranks is common after facing a particularly cold winter of continuous sub-zero degree temperatures. Cold weather, long days with limited rest, and exposure to the elements has made it difficult to keep units in top fighting form. Finding replacements for particularly ill mech pilots is often difficult in this part of the world.
Despite the conditions, the Divisions’ morale usually stays on the relatively high side. Marshal Vorka’s quick hit and run strategy has certainly delivered striking results – to the point that
some units have begun to behave as if they are completely unstoppable. In addition, most of the soldiers in the 2nd Battalion are Nazzadi, eager to serve under the famous Marshal Vorka. Of those that are officers, many of them are graduates of the Nazzadi military academy in Nazza-Duhni. The New Earth Government supports them, understanding the value of a Nazzadi-only unit. The 2nd Battalion does allow Human pilots – they just have to prove themselves.


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